Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm not really the "joining" type, but...

I joined the swap. I was on the way to the kitchen to start dinner, and I thought, what the hell, let's get out there and change the world. ;)

Tonight David is leaving work early so I can go to my "weekly barcrawl" as he jokingly called it. He likes to poke fun at me like that. It's nothing like that, actually! I joined a weekly knitter-and-crafter meetup group called Pints 'n' Purls that meets in the basement of a local brewery. So far, I've only been once, but I had *the best* time, and I'm really excited about going again tonight! I'm even going to Do My Hair. Plus, you know, BOGO appetizers. So.

All the other ladies there last time were either knitting or crocheting, but I brought some embroidery I've been working on. I downloaded a free pattern by Andrea Zuill and did you know embroidery floss is like, basically free? I just picked it up on a whim a few days before the meetup, but I'm finding myself getting more and more interested in embroidery and other small-scale work. I mean, I love piecing a queen size quilt top as much as the next grrl, but it's nice to work on something tiny once in a while too.

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Pamela said...

Hi Cate. I saw your comments of Diary of a quilter and thought you were so well spoken I popped on over. I love embroidery! I don't do it often enough, but it is a new years resolution to embroider more. Your posts are so funny. I can't wait to read more.

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