Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ugh, car repair.

Our car started doing A Thing the other day. We know we have a leaky transmission pump seal, so it needs oil every so often. Well of course we thought it was related to that. Luckily, there's a transmission specialist down the street. Unluckily, he said it's not the transmission. Back to luckily, he said he'd drive it over to another shop for us.

Weird but, sure ok, drive our car around, why not.

And this really proves my theory that car issues only ever crop up once my financial life is beginning to take on some sense of order. It's like a Law of Conservation of Poverty.

In other news... I am seeing signs of addiction in my life. To blog giveaways. Yes, it's sad and terrible. I have a whole section of my Reader portioned off to keep track of blogs that do them regularly, and.... this is hard to admit. I check those blogs first. I'm sorry, I know it's not fair to other blogs. Your pictures really are pretty, and I really appreciate that tip on how to take pigeon-toed self portrait polaroids against peeling paint walls! MMM that bacon cupcake looks DELICIOUS! But, are you going to, you know make a move? Or are we just here to talk?


Well you know, the risk level is low, so I'm thinking it's going to be a really long time to hit rock bottom. A major enabler this month has been the Vintage Sheet Blog, which I mentioned yesterday is doing a giveaway every day for the whole month of March. Today's offer is a stack of squares of, you guessed it, vintage sheets.

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